Long before digital video, companies engaged customers with emotionally resonant, compelling stories. Today, the technology has changed... but the story is still key. As digital video explodes in relevance, the average consumer still craves the desire to feel, to be delighted, to soar.
That’s why our production services are laser focused on your brand’s story. Using an intuitive and seasoned exploratory process, we’ll hone in on what makes your brand great, and we'll craft a story around it that takes their breath away.
Then, we'll turn that story into polished, cinematic video.  All of our videos are shot using Red Epic Dragon cameras—the same high-resolution cameras used by top-tier Hollywood studios like MGM and Universal. It’s no wonder our videos consistently impress clients and viewers with their realistic, filmic style. 
At Evan Romoff Inc. nothing excites us more than to give your story the treatment it so roundly deserves. Get in touch with us today, and let us begin building a campaign that takes your brand to the next level.